$MEME Airdrop Allocation

MEME Network
2 min readMay 15, 2022

As of April 2022, the main reason for using the internet is “Staying in touch with friends and family,” which is 55% of the total internet users. Meme Network simultaneously offers Airdrop of 2.75 billion $MEME token, which is 55 % of the Genesis Token Share to ATOM and OSMO holder that represents internet facilitates social connection.


The 2.75 billion $MEME airdrop is distributed to the eligible wallet address that delegates a minimum of 5 $ATOM and $OSMO. There’s no specific set of validators for our airdrops, even the commission rate is lower than 5%*. The Meme Network aims to include as many people as possible to join our community. We believe the decentralized system facilitates organic growth and maintains the Meme Network’s sustainable scalability.

** The Airdrop is only applicable held on a Cosmos public address. **

Distribution Mechanism

The $MEME airdrop deploys the following distribution mechanics:

Phase I

The certain amount of $MEME for a given user will be calculated as follows:

. 1 $ATOM : 50 $MEME

. 1 $OSMO : 10 $MEME

Phase II

*For the user who stake $ATOM and $OSMO to excluded Validators*

The allocated amount of $MEME for a given user that staked $ATOM and $OSMO in exchange validators and with less than 5% commission validators, the calculated amount is as follows:

. 1 $ATOM : 5 $MEME *

. 1 $OSMO : 2 $MEME

*The maximum amount of 20,000 $MEME per each eligible wallet



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