$MEME Airdrop Instruction for $ATOM & $OSMO Owner

The $MEME airdrop has been done in Apr 2022, if you haven’t done the process yet, check this out!

Airdrop Criteria

Phase I

*$OSMO & $ATOM stakers*

1 $ATOM : 50 $MEME

1 $OSMO : 10 $MEME

Phase II

For the user who stake $ATOM and $OSMO to excluded Validators. The validators and with less than 5% commission validators.

1 $ATOM : 5 $MEME

1 $OSMO : 2 $MEME

The maximum amount of 20,000 $MEME per each eligible wallet*

Reclaim Instruction

1.Confirm your eligibility (see above)

2. Visit https://wallet.meme.sx/

3. Click “Connect” to your Keplr wallet

4. If you are eligible to receive the Airdrop, you should have found your $Meme in the wallet.

5. Congratulation! Welcome to Meme Network!



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MEME Network

MEME Network

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